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Dr. Shyne offers the latest tools, techniques, & patient care options to make you visit comfortable and painless
General Dentistry

General Dentistry

We take pride in our ability to provide you and your family with the best care that modern dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Shyne practices modern dentistry, focusing on patient care and comfort. We utilize latest dental technologies to compliment his years of experience, and give our patients the best results possible.

With over 30 years of practice in general dentistry, and accredited with some of the industry's most prestigious awards, Dr. Shyne is truley the best around.

Featured Services

Dr. Shyne has the training and the experience to do more than just maintain your smile, he and his trained staff can enhance it for you.

Whether you want to straighten, whitening, correct your teeth or rid your self of the wrinkles around your mouth; we can help.

Free initial consultation with many of our featured services. Check them out and see for yourself!!!!

Smile Enhancement Services
Patient Oriented Practice

Tools, Techniques, & Patient Care

Dr. Shyne and his experienced staff practice modern dentistry, using the latest training, tools, & techniques to give our patients the very best experience and highest level of dental care

Our investment in modern dentistry and skilled staff benefits our patients with improved dental health and comfort and allows most procedures to be pain free.

From lasers that detect hidden areas of tooth decay, to new devices that enable surgical precision, Dr. Shyne is always updating his training and tools to make his services the best in Central NJ.

Flexible Payment Options

We accept all major credit cards and have flexible payment and financing options. We can work with you to get 0% interest financing for 12 months and coordinate this with any dental insurance you may have. Call us today for more details.

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